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Arcadian Buffalo Soap Company

My Story

Arcadian Buffalo Soap Co., LLC is the work of one mind. The company was founded by a versatile artist with a passion for perfecting everything she makes. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science & Education. While traveling West, she fell in love with the mountains & with the bygone craft of soap-making.

Using her chemistry background, she initially began producing natural, plant-based cold process soap. Now offering several other product types, she methodically applies her skills in researching, designing, & testing every recipe she creates. Each item is handcrafted in small batches to ensure the desired results.

Always thinking, she continues to explore new products ideas. The goal is to provide skin & hair care products that are completely natural; only using ingredients aimed at making us look & feel our best (and leaving out all the bad stuff).

It has been such an exciting journey, to come up with new products, striving to be better than anything else out there! More natural, better feel, better results!

It is her belief that quality & talent are reflected in everything she makes. She goes beyond simple recipes or bare essentials, selecting each individual ingredient for its potential benefits. She hopes that once you try her products, you will not be able to imagine using anything else!

Arcadian Buffalo currently offers soap, lip balm, eye serum, skin salve, bug repellent, beach-hair spray, beard oil & balm, deodorant, aromatherapy inhalers, & tattoo aftercare.

Look for more to come in the near future!

Why use Arcadian Buffalo?

• Quality: Arcadian Buffalo has a commitment to providing you with natural products that will benefit your skin without any harsh /unnecessary chemicals. Many products out there claim to be natural, but a closer look at ingredients shows dyes, perfumes, & synthetic preservatives or additives.
Arcadian Buffalo strives to use NO unnatural additives- no preservatives or colorants, no parabens, no phthalates, no petroleum products, and no animal products (not even beeswax).
• Mastery: Arcadian Buffalo has knowledge & skill, employed in her craft, which sets her apart. Chemistry in particular helps her know how ingredients will interact with each other to formulate masterful recipes. Through extensive research & development, she has a deep understanding of what each product should do & how to achieve that goal. Mastery of her craft is evident in each product offered here at Arcadian Buffalo Soap Company.