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Arcadian Buffalo Soap Company


Beard Balm (2 fl oz)


Beard balm made with nourishing, moisturizing, high quality oils & butters for your beard & skin. Fight acne & dandruff. Tame split ends & fly aways.

Luxury beard products featuring a large variety of highly beneficial ingredients. Each having their own nutritional purpose. Beard balm contains shea butter, aloe butter, candelilla wax, babassu oil, cocoa butter, rice bran oil, apricot kernel oil, kokum butter, golden jojoba oil, hemp seed oil & more.

(Luxury balm does not contain beeswax, all products are plant-based, all scents are naturally derived, medium hold).


  • Speak Easy- A seductively complex blend of rose, sandalwood & vanilla, topped with citrus notes. Subtle, sweet, & captivating.
  • The Traveler- A light, detoxifying mix of Moroccan rosemary, oakmoss, cedar & citrus. Cool & Salty, a taste of the mountains, a hint of the coastal air, a slow meander thru citrus groves.
  • Reflection Canyon- An intriguing, luxurious infusion of smoky rich guaiac wood with mountain sage, chamomile, bergamot & more. Warm red rock, scintillating waters, & the aroma of summer florescence.
  • Black Beard- Rich dark anise w/ a hint of warm vanilla. Be a rebel. Brash & daring. Bold & sultry.
  • Advocaat- Dutch eggnog & warm cinnamon w/ a woody undertone. Feeling polished? This one’s refined & classy, just like you.
  • Smooth- White charcoal & cedar leaf, infused w/ mint & balsam, finished w/ vanilla bean, nutmeg & a hint of patchouli. Be intriguing & mysterious. A complex and inviting aroma that effuses man.
  • Central Valley Shine- A fresh, clean & bright blend of 5 citrus essential oils (grapefruit, lemon, orange, bergamot & lemongrass). Fruity & sweet.
  • Bronze Serpent by ZO (a signature line by Alfonzo Rachel of Bronze Serpent Media)- An alluring musk richly blended with patchouli & amber, bathed in the scent of earth drenched by fresh rains.
  • Espresso- Bold & Fresh. A rich blend of dark roasted coffee beans, vanilla cream, & carmelized sugar.

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